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The Anti-Choice Plot to Lure Desperate Women to Christian Pregnancy Centers


This is terrifying. And important.

I cannot understand anti-abortion arguments that centre on the sanctity of life. As a species, we’ve fairly comprehensively demonstrated that we don’t believe in the sanctity of life. The shrugging acceptance of war, famine, epidemic, pain and life-long, grinding poverty shows us that, whatever we tell ourselves, we’ve made only the most feeble of efforts to really treat human life as sacred.

I don’t understand, then, why, in the midst of all this, pregnant women - women trying to make rational decisions about their futures and, usually, that of their families, too - should be subject to more pressure about preserving life than, say, Vladimir Putin, the World Bank, or the Catholic Church.

- How To Be a Woman, Caitlin Moran (via petitefeministe)

"What Can I Do?" - Suggestions for Feminist Activism




Anonymous asked you:

I love this blog so much, but when I read all the articles about states efforts to close down planned parenthood, or articles about how men should have a right to veto an abortion, I start to see red. What can I do? How can I help?

Thanks, Anon.

The eternal question when it comes to this issue, it appears.  I have been asked this before (and more than once) and so am just going to repeat myself again. 

Other than raising awareness about reproductive rights, what can we do to fight the good fight?

First, maybe I’m not the best person to ask, as my response to my un-ending anger and shock at the full-frontal attack conservatives are making against reproductive rights was to start a Tumblr.  And originally it was just going to be images making fun of John Boehner.  But here I am now so I am going to do my best to answer this request. 

If you out there in the Tumblr world have resources you’d like me to post, you can either answer this post or submit a link (over there on the left side menu).  You can also shoot me an email at scatx [at] scatx [dot] com.  Also, you can simply respond to this post.

I firmly believe that the more information you have, the better.  Hands down.

So, what can you do?

That’s what I’ve got for now. 

Let’s hear it, defenders of the uteri/defenders of reproductive rights/defenders of PP/defenders of bodily autonomy. 

What resources or sites would you recommend for people who want to be out there doing something on behalf of reproductive, abortion, bodily autonomy and women’s (really, anyone who is not a cisman’s) rights?

I really love that this is being addressed because I think it is extremely important that people recognize how they can transform their feminist thoughts into action.  All of the examples listed above are really great and I encourage everyone to get involved with those organizations in any way they can: volunteer at your local clinic, donate money, contact your representatives, and stay informed about political issues.  Although this list is absolutely fantastic, I wanted to add a few more ideas:

  • Volunteer for a local non-profit organization that supports the rights of women and the LGBTQ community.  This includes abortion clinics, health centers, domestic violence shelters, LGBTQ youth programs, etc.  If you can’t get transportation to one of these places, see what you can do over the phone or the internet.  Some examples include: volunteering to answer the telephones at your local domestic violence shelter, contributing to blogs/zines/online magazines/newspapers, and organizing the social media components for a non-profit organization.
  • Make your voice heard.  Participate in rallies or protests.  Create, sign, and/or share petitions.
  • If you can, be a conscious consumer.  Support organizations and businesses that respect the environment, treat their workers well, and give back to the community.  **This is inextricably linked to class and geographic location. Choosing where to give your dollars is a privilege, as the structure of our society, specifically our economic system, is not based off a model of conscious consumerism.  For example, health and organic foods are much more expensive than genetically modified and processed foods.  Because there is such a discrepancy in the costs, the latter is much more accessible.**
  • Make feminism your lifestyle.  When someone makes a sexist comment or laughs at a rape joke, confront them.  If someone is policing another person’s body or identity, explain to them why this is a problem.  Every time you take a stand against this type of behavior, you are educating those around you.  A lot of times, people worry that these types of actions are insignificant, but I strongly disagree with that.  Any and all positive changes are worth recognizing, as they contribute to making a difference.
  • Check your own privilege.  Each and every one of us have been influenced by the media, our parents, friends, our educational institutions, etc. Confront your own internalized sexism and dissect the way you think, act, and behave.  You may call women “sluts” or oppose third-trimester abortions, but why do you think and act in this way?  Question how you have been shaped by dominant ideologies and challenge yourself to see things from a different perspective. 

If anyone else has any other suggestions, I would love to hear them!

(Source: keepyourbsoutofmyuterus)

The War on Information — Feministe


So, what if I hadn’t lived in NYC? What if I had lived in the middle of Texas and needed to get a ride to a Planned Parenthood that was 50 or even 100 miles away? What if I lived in South Dakota or Idaho or North Carolina? What if I didn’t have the money? What if some bullshit (that has happened to three of my friends) happened where I went and they said “I’m sorry – we are out of Plan B. We will have it in two days and you can come back then.” (I’ll give you a hint, its not called the “two days after you fuck” pill). What if I had been alone and my sheer embarrassment had gotten in the way? What if my boyfriend just straight up hadn’t had access to that key information and I was just doomed to being pregnant because no one else had ever bothered to tell me anything?

Accurate, honest, non-judgemental information about reproduction, contraception, and sexuality MUST be offered to all US students. To offer anything less is negligent. 

And to the OP’s friend who questioned her use of the term ‘war’; war is defined by Merriam Webster as, “a state of unusually open and declared hostile conflict.” War fits perfectly with the Conservative Right’s righteous, and unrelenting efforts to undermine, attack, and weaken the rights of women in the United States. It’s a well organized, well funded, and carefully planned attack. There’s no other word BUT war.


Someone blogged this earlier and I couldn’t find who. Sorry folks! But I found it on the googles.



Someone blogged this earlier and I couldn’t find who. Sorry folks! But I found it on the googles.


Queer Feminist & Pro-Choice


Queer Feminist & Pro-Choice



The Erosion of Roe and Why You Should Give a Shit

I wish the language was more inclusive, especially because this was posted on Feministing (where being inclusive in the reproductive rights movement has been the subject of multiple posts including these two amazing ones: here and here).

Otherwise, this is badass.

[PS - I should say there is a transcript at the Feministing link]

What I am vexed with is the idea that, by having an abortion, a woman is somehow being unfemale and, indeed, unmortherly. That the absolute essence of womanhood and maternity is to sustain life, at all costs, whatever the situation.

My belief in the ultimate sociological, emotional and practical necessity for abortion became even stronger after I had my two children. It is only after you have had a nine-month pregnancy, laboured to get the child out, fed it, cared for it, sat with it till 3am, risen with it at 6am, swooned with love for it and been reduced to furious tears by it that you really understand just how important it is for a child to be wanted. How motherhood is a game you must enter with as much energy, willingness and happiness as possible.

And the most important thing of all, of course, is to be wanted, desired and cared for by a reasonably sane, stable mother. I can honestly say that my abortion was one of the least difficult decisions of my life. I’m not being flippant when I say it took me longer to decide what worktops to have in the kitchen than whether I was prepared to spend the rest of my life being responsible for a further human being, because I knew that to do it again - to commit my life to another person - might very possibly stretch my abilities, and conception of who I am, and who I want to be, and what I want and need to do - to breaking point. The idea that I might not - in an earlier era, or a different country - have a choice in the matter, seems both emotionally and physically barbaric.


How To Be a Woman, Caitlin Moran

This is quite simply one of the single most honest, touching and convincing pro-choice arguments I have ever read.

(via petitefeministe)

Aug 3

Crimes Committed by Abortion Protesters in the United States and Canada, 1977-2006



(also known as “Cool pro-life story, bros!”)

  • 7 murders
  • 17 attempted murders
  • 52 bombings
  • 180 arsons
  • 89 invasions
  • 1,211 incidents of vandalism
  • 1,341 trespasses
  • 100 acid attacks
  • 655 anthrax threats
  • 146 cases of assault and battery
  • 375 death threats
  • 3 kidnappings
  • 96 burglaries
  • 480 cases of stalking

One in five clinics experiences blockades, invasions, arsons, bombings, chemical attacks, stalking, gunfire, physical assaults, threats of bombs, death or arson.

(source: This Common Secret, which cites the Feminist Majority Foundation for these statistics)

Forever reblog, and I’m tagging this under #pro-life in the hopes that some antis might understand that many people within their movement are violent, bigoted hypocrites.

(Source: stfuconservatives)

Aug 2

Every year, an estimated 70,000 women die as a result of unsafe abortions - leaving nearly a quarter of a million children without a mother - and 5m develop complications.

- BBC NEWS | Health | Bans ‘do not cut abortion rate’ (via redtoenails)